The Mother of All Bombs

In April, 2017, the USA dropped the GBU-43/B bomb in Afghanistan.
This is a truly remarkable piece of design - the largest non-nuclear weapon in the USA's arsenal.

It's difficult to fathom just how much damage it does; and how widespread its damage is.
Curious? You can see an approximation of its effect on your neighborhood.

To use:
  • Click on the magnifying glass; type in an address or city name
  • Locate yourself at Ground Zero! Click on the House button (note: this takes 2-3 seconds and requires your consent)
  • The Slider controls the opacity of the blast radius rings
Then, click inside one of the concentric circles to discover the fate of you, your loved ones: anyone and anything, really.

(Note: this page will only find your location if you explicitly allow it.)
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